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Ten tips to fast track your job search

Speaking to a bunch of candidates in the last few days, I realised it is not the job market but the job search which needs to be blamed! A lot of candidates talk about the volatile or the slow job market but instead it is the way you search a job. Gone are the days when you sit and flip the pages of a job classified of a newspaper. I would even say just applying to jobs on job portals does not work anymore. So what does one do? Here are quick tips to accelerate your job search:

NETWORK: Thanks to the power of Internet, it gives us an access to reach out to key decision makers directly. Network with 10 people from your industry each week. Make it a habit.

POWER OF YOUR CV: The saying 'First impression is the last impression' still holds true. Make your CV crisp and short. Hire a Professional to revamp your CV so that you are communicating the right experience and right information through the document.

PERSONALIZE RESPONSE: As a recruiter, people who write to me or make efforts to reach out to me and talk about their experience are given more weightage due to the simple reason that when we post jobs on portal, we are bombarded with applications. We do not check each and every ad response at times. My suggestion is to reach out to recruiters and talk to them about the opportunity so that you do not miss on the opportunity of being lost in the response mails.

APPLY TO RELEVANT JOBS: At times I wonder if candidates read the jobs I post. Last week a chef applied to an engineer's job I posted. While its a good tactic to add your CV to the recruiter's database but at the same time there are chances your CV might go the recycle bin!

INTERVIEW SKILLS: Brush up your interview skills regularly so that you are prepared any day for the interview call!

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